Prisoner 46664 Nelson Mandela

Le lundi 3 février, les élèves de 4e et 3e suivant l’option Euro se sont rendus à une représentation la pièce « Prisoner 46664 Nelson Mandela », créée par la Compagnie « Théâtre en Anglais ». Organisée par Mme Boonaert et M. De Reu, cette sorite leur a permis de découvrir l’histoire de ce héros intemporel qu’est Nelson Mandela. Les élèves ont donné leur avis à la sortie de la représentation.

did like this play as there was a big screen in the set to situate the place and give information like the date… 

The soundtrack was great and appropriate to the action  and all the actors sang very well especially Chentegai. 

Even if it was strange when the actors sang or hummed between the scenes to change the scenery, they did it extremely fast.


I did like the musical since the actors played very good and also as the life of Nelson Mandela is so important to know, so I guess, even if we already know his story, the musical gave me some more information on him and it was an imagery so it’s better to understand. However, despite all of those facts, sometimes, because of the light, I wanted to sleep, so I was less concentrated.


did like this play as it was very interesting, even if I already knew the story of Nelson Mandela before. What’s more, there were a screen on the background that showed us real pictures about his life. The songs of Chentegai were nice to hear and I really liked the actors play. Finally, there were some references like « France télévision » and « The Gilets Jaunes » that were very funny.


The musical “Mandela – 46664” was amazing ! Everything was incredible like the set, how the actors played… I loved when the actors were singing, it was so beautiful ! It was really interesting because of the story of Mandela and the performers were very realistic. So, I do recommend it.


did like it since it was about the life of Nelson Mandela. 

Not only did the actors sing very well but also the set was realistic. However, I didn’t like it given that sometimes it was too long.

do recommend it.


An amazing Musical ! 

did like itsince it was easy to understand. The musical may be too long but it was very interesting to know more about the life of Nelson Mandela. The woman sang well, it was beautiful. I do recommend it

By Margaux Constanty

Nelson Mandela 46664 is a very good play! I did like it since it speaks about his life, so we can learn a lot of things about him. Even if i didn’t understand all the words, it was very interesting. The actors were incredible, and the play was very realistic. I think you just have to see it and I do recommend it!


I did like like since it was very interesting and the actors made an amazing job. The girl sang very well. Although, maybe it was too long and there were some difficult words.

By MILLOT Marie-Lou

I did like it since it was very interesting to see his life in real, we have  already yet read the book and imagined the scene and here we saw the scene from an other person. Even if the background was realistic, the end was a little boring. I recommend this musical for the people who are passioned about the life of Nelson Mandela.
By Anaëlle MARTINI

I didn’t like the show since it was very long. Maybe the actor did a good job but the costumes are horrible and it’s difficult to differentiate every characters of the show. The song of the transition was good.
By Gaspard Quiquempois-Bourgeois

did like it as that was interesting and now I know more about his life. The musical may be long sometimes but it was funny. The girl had a really beautiful voice when she sang. The actor who played Nelson Mandela was incredible. I recommend it.

By Clémence De Burggraeve

I did like it a little because the play of the actors were very good but it was boring at some times and the transitions were the same all the time. I didn’t understand some scenes or moments which were importants but the the screen in the background which gave some informations was nice and useful to understand more.
By Thomas Henneron

I didn’t like because it was boring as I already knew the story of Mandela but It was interesting to see the actors play the different moment of his life. This year, they added a screen to show animated things during their act and I did like it as this is innovating.

By Mathis Ramnauth

I did like the play but it was a little boring at some moments. Some scenes were too long as we didn’t understand all the words they spoke. The actors were talented and they played very well. They have a good accent. There was a screen in the background and it gave a lot of information if we didn’t understand all the word.
By Arthur Barbier

did like it since we read a book about his life but I learnt more parts of his life thanks to the musical.  Even if it was very interesting sometimes the scenes were too long so it was difficult to understand. 

By Eloïse Hemonic 

I did like it since I liked the cast and  Chentegai has an amazing voice. Some scenes were too long but it wasn’t boring. The actors were great in their roles and the music was well. I recommend this show for everyone who is interested in Nelson Mandela and his life.

By Tessa Mabo

did like it since the scenery was very realistic. And that was interesting to understand the story with the picture.

But even if sometimes there were some difficult words, Chentegai sings very well

By Lison Giorgini

I did like it since the story about Mandela was interesting, the scenery was great, the music was amazing, some scenes were too long but it wasn’t boring. The actors were great. I recommend this play.
By Camille Luneau

I did like it given that the actors are extraordinary and wonderful. The songs are as good as the acting. The show is interesting since the hero has done lots of accomplishments. That’s great for people who want to learn about his life. I also recommend it.

By Clarisse De Moor

didn’t like it as there were not enough accessories in the set.

did like it since it was interesting to know more about his life in prison.

didn’t like it given that, I think, there were not enough actors.

By Zoé Cadart

did like it because the actor sang very well and the musics were amazing but sometimes I didn’t understand the part of his life that the actor played since they spoke for a very long time.

By Agathe Debuigne

did like it given that they just kept the most important moments of his life in the musical. I also did like it since the woman who played the role of his wives and his daughters sang very well. But even if they just kept the most important moments of his life, sometimes it was too long.

By Anouk Petit

I did like it because the music and the actors were incredible and the voice of Chentegai was beautiful. The story of Mandela is really interesting but for me some scenes are not useful. I recommend it.
By Solène Delahais

did like it since the actors did a very good job even if many words were difficult to understand. But the show was a little bit too long. I also did like it as sometimes there were songs.

By Lola Polge

did like it because it’s very interesting a musical since we learn a lot about the life of Mandela. 

Even if sometimes it’s long, the show is very attractive since the actors were extremely gifted and Chentegai sing very well.

By Margot Lefebvre Roussel.

did like it since the scenery was exceptional. Even if the show was too long, the principal actor was very beautiful and he had really a great English accent. Sometimes, I guess it was difficult to understand but the music was good.

By Lily Monnehay